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  • The Company reserves its unfettered right to cancel or change the booking/order. Should this happen, the Company will attempt to provide a suitable solution. If an order is cancelled or delayed, the Company will do its utmost best to inform you as soon as possible. However, the Company cannot guarantee the possibility to inform you timely of any change or cancellation of an order or be held responsible for refunds, compensations or for any resulting costs you may incur related to the said booking/order.

  • You agree and acknowledge that before confirming your order, you will always check carefully that you have selected the correct products/ services/ quantity. Wrongfully ordered numbers shall not be refundable.

  • You agree and acknowledge that all purchases are final. The orders once placed cannot be cancelled for any refunds for any reason whatsoever. However, any order can be rescheduled for any other date before 72 hours from the date and time of the event. Such reschedule shall have to be within the booking policies in terms of minimum lead time of 72 hours.

  • You agree and acknowledge that any cancellation within 48 hours prior to the date and time of the event shall not have any refund obligations. Any refund for this period shall be at the sole discretion of the Company. Any refund for such cancellations shall not create any obligation on the Company to oblige other cancellation and refund requests. All services/ products are for personal consumption, commercial use of our services/ products/ content is not permitted.

  • If the order is not delivered in case of any unforeseen circumstances, the service/ product delivery can only be rescheduled to another mutually agreed date and time, or replaced by another comparable service.

  • It is also provided that in case of a cancellation by you prior to the expiry of 48 hours from the date and time of the event or by the Company due to whatever reasons, the Company may refund (without taking any obligation) the booking amount net of cancellation charges to a maximum of 4% of the transaction value. However, such refund shall not amount to admission by the Company of any other charges, damages, losses and consequences.

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