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Book Pandits and Pujari online is a trade/brand name of ESP Well Being Services Pvt Ltd, offering online spiritual and wellness services to the people and communities of Indian origin.
The platform is designed to help our customers connect with their traditions, culture, and true desi values.


Our key differentiator is that we don’t just preach, we Engage! We have everything for everyone, Spiritual Services for the family, 

Spiritual Consultation for overall Well-Being, and our much Celebrated Story-Telling Sessions for their kids to experience the stories that we have grown up listening to.


While the aim is to help our customers connect with Indian traditions, it is also our endeavour to collectively collaborate with thousands of experienced Indian pujaris, partner spiritual consultants, and storytellers to share their knowledge and skills through our platform and offer unmatched superlative spiritual experiences for general well-being.

So, go right ahead, book any of our services listed here and let us know about your

experience, so we can make it even better when you come back to us the next time.

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